Khaled Al Rashedi
Director of the Board

Khaled Al Rashedi is Mubadala’s Executive Director of Government Affairs, leading the company’s liaison with its shareholder as well as with senior government officials and regulatory stakeholders in the United Arab Emirates and in countries where it operates.

Mr. Al Rashedi has been with Mubadala since its establishment in 2002 and has worked extensively in local and international government affairs. He is a member of a number of committees established by the Abu Dhabi Government.

Mr. Al Rashedi is a board member of the UAE International Investor Council and Guinea Alumina Corporation (GAC). He is also a board member of Sociedad Minera de Santander (MINESA). Previously, he was a board member of Tabreed, Turbine Services & Solutions and Abu Dhabi Ship Building as well as Chairman of the board of Safwa Marine Company.

Mr. Al Rashedi holds a Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Finance and Marketing from the University of Colorado, USA.