Our Mission, Vision & Values

Guinea Alumina Corporation’s mission is to produce bauxite of the best quality possible, in a safe and responsible manner, while forging a reputation of excellence and building a future full of opportunities and pride for the Republic of Guinea.

This is supported by a three-part vision statement:

  • We operate with a deep commitment to safety, sustainability and social responsibility.
  • We focus on product quality, team performance and profitability to succeed.
  • We help shape the future by enabling Guinea to prosper and thrive.

 GAC’s vision is underpinned by our three core values:

  • Safety first and always. 
  • Act with integrity, transparency and fairness to safeguard our business. 
  • Protect the environment wherever we operate. 
  • Ensure rewarding career and development opportunities for all our people. 
  • Sustain relationships with our customers, suppliers and partners, built on mutual trust. 
  • Contribute meaningfully to the communities where we operate. 
  • Promote a performance-based work culture where individuals are empowered through ownership, accountability and team support. 
  • Excel in operations through continuous improvement and innovation. 
  • Grow profitably.