Our business is mining. Our focus is people.

Guinea Alumina Corporation (GAC) aims to offer a rewarding range of career opportunities for talented people who want to contribute to the development of our company, industry and nation.

At GAC our workforce drives our business performance. Some 1,000 people work at our sites in Kamsar and Tinguilinta in Boké province, including both GAC staff and contractors.

Our long-term goal is to Guineanise all our operations and we focus on the development of all our staff. GAC provides skills training and career development opportunities. We invest in programmes to develop Guineans’ skills to take on roles in our organisation and for individuals to assume increasing responsibility.

Today, key roles at GAC are held by Guineans including Director General (held by the first woman to hold such a high-profile role in Guinea’s mining industry), Deputy Director General and Human Resources Director.

If you think you have what it takes to join our team, introduce yourself. We will get in touch if there is a role that fits your skills and potential.

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